The camp is now a 48 hour event (starting early Saturday, April 20th). The location has been confirmed as Haninge Quality Hotel.
The price has been reduced to 2 499,00 SEK for the entire camp. Spots are limited. Grab yours now!

EVENT UPDATE. The camp is now a 48 hour event (starting early Saturday, April 20th). The location has been confirmed as Haninge Quality Hotel.
The price has been reduced to  2 499,00  SEK for the entire camp. Spots are limited. Grab yours now!


This is an AI generated image of me in the future. I am doing what I love doing and I look exactly like I am training, eating and preparing for TODAY!

If you have a hard time describing, or even picturing, your tomorrow

This event is for YOU!

When I moved abroad, I knew it was a great opportunity to make a positive change in my life, but I lacked visibility on which steps I had to take to get there. Erik has been the mentor and coach who helped me define the goals I set for myself and work on them by sharing his knowledge, providing feedback, and setting accountability.


Redouane Achouri / DevOps


From Unmotivated to Unstoppable

(STARTS) April 20th (Sat 8:00)

(ENDS) April 21 (Sun 18:00)

🇸🇪 Haninge, Sweden
📍 Quality Hotel Winn

Preliminary Schedule

  • Day 1
    • 08:00 Meet in the lobby of Quality hotel
    • 09:00 Day 1 starts
    • 18:00 Day 1 ends
  • Day 2
    • 06:30 Breakfast
    • 08:00 Day 2 starts
    • 17:00 Day 2 ends
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  • Feel stuck or unsure what to do next
  • Struggle to prioritize your health
  • Want to connect with other men who face the same challenges
  • Get overwhelmed with all the misinformation regarding health and fitness


  • A male aged between 18 and 70
  • Ready to commit to your future quality of life
  • A guy with any experience in training (gym, martial arts etc..)
  • Ready to make a real change in how you train …and feel


  • Do 10 body-weight push-ups
  • Run 1 kilometer or walk 5 kilometers
  • Make the decision to take back control


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Who am I?

I am just like you. I have a busy job, a complicated family, many obligations and even more dreams. My biggest dream is to share what I have learned over 20 years in how to stay fit, be strong and healthy – without having to become a full time athlete or join the fitness industry.

I have been there.

I have been out of shape, sick, weak, addicted to booze and other crap. I have felt overwhelmed with the false reality of doing “whatever is takes” to get ahead and as a result completely ignored my current and future health.
After taking RESPONSIBILITY for my life and finding “my why”, I am now a work in progress. I have a lot to learn and improve in – but I am in control of what I do and who I am becoming.

Let me be your guide.

I have many years of experience in helping to guide people towards the path that works for them. Unlike traditional coaching, my goal is to get you independent in a short period of time so that you have the tools and techniques to continue stacking progress.
Do you feel stuck where you are right now? Do you want to look, feel and move better but feel you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to do anything about it? Are you interested in doing more, being more and moving forward in your life?

If this sounds interesting, join my camp to see me in action

Erik Ohlzon
Head Nut

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Team 4ward

Husband and Dad
(2 teenage sons)
Founder & Entrepreneur
(4ward Groups AB)
CTO, ValueChecker
Volunteer CTO
(Entrepreneurs Without Borders)

Erik is an amazing physical fitness and personal development coach. What has impressed me the most about Erik are his consistency, his persistence, and his passion for what he does. He himself walks the talk and lives what he speaks about in his coaching, and his personal example has inspired and motivated me throughout my personal fitness journey as well.

His wealth of experience and training allow him to speak knowledgeably on a wide variety of fitness and health topics, and I really appreciate that he not only is able to answer any of my many questions, but he does so with such thoroughness and patience, taking the time to ensure his clients understand what they are doing and what their bodies are experiencing as they move through the training process.

I’ve known Erik for many years now and recently had the privilege to participate in another of his physical fitness and personal growth coaching programs. After an 8-week program, the outstanding results speak for themselves, as can be seen in my before and after photo and statistics. I would highly recommend Erik as a coach to anyone serious about physical fitness and personal growth.

David Arnold / Founder & Educator

Erik is a highly skilled and friendly coach who truly understands the importance of setting goals when working out. During my time training with him, he not only helped me to stay motivated, but also to understand the significance of having a clear goal in mind.

Erik’s approach to goal-setting is based on achieving progress in both the short-term and the long-term. He assisted me in keeping consistency when going to the gym, always having something to look forward to, and also made the gym space a fun and nice place once I was happy of being able to see my achievements through short term goals and to see my progress and improvements over time. I am very grateful for his guidance and support.


Reynnan Viktor / Software Engineer


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