Are 🫵 looking for..

..that pep in your step

..that glint in your 👁️

..the feeling of being…


I have spent the last 25 years living all around the world..

researching and trying all kinds of crazy diets..

following and tweaking many training programs..

following well known influencers..


I want to play with my son and his sons until he is old and has grandkids of his own..

I want to do the things I love doing, PAIN FREE, for a long long time

My name is Erik

I publish a FREE newsletter where I strive to give no-bullshit info to other men.

  • tips, tricks and lifehacks to increase overall health
  • information and news about technology that can be leveraged
  • humor, community and a break from the rat race
  • offer and discounts for products and services for men

If you are:

    • A man
    • 30ish and older
    • a busy person with no time for fads
    • someone who values their body
    • a person as Queen sang “who wants to live forever”
    • the type of guy willing to work when required

then I am speaking to you!

feel good
move good
look good
live good!
That is the goal