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Oct 1

Tjurruset Nynäshamn

The popular tough-mudder visited our back yard. We pulled a team together of mostly first timers. With very little preparation and a "no-one left behind" attitude, the entire team finished. 

May 27


4 imperial miles (about 6 kilometers) or 40 minutes of training every 4 hours for 48 hours.

Dec 18

The Death Mile

Carry your bodyweight for 1 imperial mile (1.6 kilometer) 

Nov 27

MindGames IX

4 hours of tire flips, log flips, tire drags, rope pulls, log carries, a 5km run and lots of sweat. 

Oct 30

MindGames VIII

2 kilometers of tire drags, a 7 kilometer weighted walk, drags, jumps, flips and runs.

Oct 25

Nynäshamns Atletklubb

The big boys tried out some flips and carries. Finally we found someones to flip the BFT (Big Freaking Tire).

July 31

MindGames VII: Duo Camp

All the fun things - drags, pushes, throws and flips - all done with a partner

July 17

MindGames Mini I: Let Them Play

A summer day filled with pulling, carrying and dragging heavy things - by the kids. Teamwork and health lessons for all.

June 19

MindGames V and VI

2 for 1. 2 events in 1 day. A beautiful summer day with perfect weather for getting some toucg things done

May 29

"..where dem girls at.."

Ladies exclusive event! 

April 4

The hill!

Have you ever flipped a tire UPHILL? We did... for 4 hours.

March 20

In The Beginning!

Where is all started. Minus 1 degree Celsius and some badasses. 

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